The Best RV Repair Lead & Referral Service

There are now over 10,000,000 RVs and Campers in the United States. The average RV’er now spends over $500 per year just on RV Maintenance. That figure doesn’t include RV Repairs. To get a sense of some of those costs, some parts and labor for a waste system repair could be just a few hundred dollars; generator, chassis and roof work can easily be a few thousand dollars; And Engine rebuilds or collision repairs can easily run $15000+ . The RV Repair industry is overwhelmingly managed by local and independent RV Repair shops. So there is a lot of opportunity out there for the company that can truly own online search and advertising for RV Repair in the US.  RV Repair Lead Generation websites, and RV Repair directories are a great way to capture leads. In addition, Pay for Performance RV Repair Lead and Referral services are the most efficient and cost effective way to get new RV Repair work. The RV Repair Group offers all of these services and we drive the leads first before we ask you to pay.



No Risk- ROI Guarantee

If you are looking for Lead Generation and Referral services for your RV Shop, find a service that is willing to guarantee results. After considering the value of an RV Repair lead, and what your average revenue is per customer, decide on a fair value that you would be willing to pay per lead. You may decide on a flat fee or a % of the sale. Also, look for a marketing and advertising solution that doesn’t charge you hefty upfront fees to get started. With ZERO dollars out of pocket to get started, then the lead generation service is literally a No Risk opportunity for you to grow your RV Repair business. The RV Repair Group offers a 5X ROI Guarantee for our RV Repair leads, with no upfront setup costs, just a flat fee per lead charged to your credit card on file.


Pay Per Call & Media Buys

When trying to find an RV Repair lead service, pick a group that is involved with Pay Per Call advertising. Why? Because when accidents happen, or campers have an emergency repair, they are going to do a search and then pick up the phone right away. Competing for those phone calls is big business. Have you ever heard of They help folks that are looking for a dentist or are having a dental emergency. Their whole model is about competing for those phone calls, and then making referrals to the dentists in their network. Pay per call advertising can help pre screen leads, or you may find a service provider that will just direct the calls right to your phone line. Media Buying is all about spending money on advertising. Most agencies are going to want you to commit to a huge budget to spend on ads and calls. However, try to find a service provider that offers a pay per performance model. So that way you only get charged when they actually send you a potential customer. The RV Repair Group handles all of the pay per click, pay per call, and media buying with our own money, operating completely on a pay per performance basis.


Popular Directories for Powerful SEO

In addition to pay per call, PPC, and other media buying strategies, make sure that you are on popular RV Repair Directories such as: www.RVRepair.Directory ,, and . Each month there are millions of searches for RV repair, local RV repair, and RV repairs near me related keyword searches. Get your RV Repair shop listed across these types of directories because it passes huge SEO value to your website. This is both a powerful SEO back-linking strategy as well as a lead generation service. Some directories will charge RV shops to create premium listings. It’s worth it, considering that you get the link, and the value of even 1 RV Repair job pays for the service.


Vanity 1-800 Number

Always give customers something that is easy to remember. A good service provider knows this, and hopefully they are willing to set up your business with a great phone number. Having a catchy phone number, something that rhymes, will help Campers and RV’ers remember you when in need. Think about all of those silly commercials you see that have a song. Surprising how easy it is to remember those silly jingles that seem to always get stuck in your head. If you don’t want to buy the phone number yourself, see if your lead gen service provider has one to offer that can really attract RV Repair leads. The RV Repair Group is proud to offer a US based call center with RV Repair Referral Specialists available to help RV’ers and Campers get connected with our member RV Repair Shops by calling 1-833-FIXED-RV.



Hopefully you got a handle on some of the features you should look for when searching for the best rv repair lead and referral service. Whether an RV’er is looking for service on google, searching through a directory, or looking to dial a catchy number in from a Pay Per Call ad, make sure it is your RV Repair shop they find. If you need help getting RV Repair Leads, consider working with the RV Repair Group.